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From the shores of the sandy beaches of Brazil to the mountainous Wasatch range of Utah, Rio Sports Fashion is a sophisticated fitness apparel company that imports clothing from the home of Carnival, Samba and Bossa Nova.

We aim to boost women’s confidence in their body image. Our garments are scientifically engineered to allow breathability and to resist moisture. 

Our fabric features a strong yet flexible combo that allows for performance and the support of any body type.  We work with the ultimate performance materials that sculpt the inner and outer thighs to seriously lift the booty. 

Our textured leggings awaken your sense of touch and they are unforgettable because of our unique design, creating a visual and a textile experience that makes them unique among our competitors. Rio Sports Fashion is not only made to enhance your workout experience, it is also suitable for non- athletic endeavors. 

Mission statement: to enhance positive self-esteem to every female engaged in physical exercises.